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The backgauge is controlled by a hand wheel

This is a high-quality machine that has some great safety features including a front safety shield.This device can cut paper that's up to 18. That means you can trim more than 500 sheets at once, making this device ideal for print shops and other high-output businesses and organizations.Before you cut the paper, you can take advantage of the this trimmer's illuminated cutting line. Also, this device requires very little maintenance which makes it user-friendly. Here's a look at the 185A.5” wide so you'll be able to cut tabloid and letter-sized sheets.


It can apply more than 3,000 pounds of force to keep your paper steady when you cut it. First, this device requires two-handed operation so your hands won't be near the blade when it's cutting. This feature lets you see where your paper will be cut. The cutting line is very helpful and there are enough safety features to ensure safe operation.The 185A has an electrically powered clamp.Do you want a durable paper cutter that can trim more than 500 sheets at a time/? If you are, you should take a look at the Challenge Spartan 185A. Plus, this device is durable and comes with a great warranty.75” (height) x 32. It's also heavy because it weighs heavy duty wire cutter 700 pounds.25” (width) x 41” (length). However, it does come with a stand.


The 185A is safe to use thanks to a couple of great safety features. .Like most cutters, this one has a backgauge to help your measure your paper and make repeated cuts. The stand even has a storage shelf and casters to make it easy to move around. If you don't like the position, you can more the paper around to get it where you want it. The front shield will rise up after cutting so you don't have to touch it.This is a very durable cutter because it's built from aluminum and cast iron parts. This machine has a terrific cutting capacity so you'll be able to cut hundreds of of sheets in very little time.


The backgauge is controlled by a hand wheel that's located at the front of the device for easy access. The 185A has a decent cutting capacity because the blade is strong enough to cut a 3-inch stack of paper. Second, there are front and rear safety shields. There's also an LCD readout that will tell you the position of the backgauge so you can make any adjustments if necessary.


The 185A comes with a one-year warranty.This cutter is very large due to its dimensions of 52. Overall, the Challenge Spartan 185A is a great electric cutter that should be able to fulfill all your cutting needs. If this sounds like the cutter that's right for you, check out the 185A today. There's 13” of space in front of the blade so you'll have plenty of room in which to work. The table is large enough for larger pieces of paper